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Have you been wrongfully denied of an insurance claim? If you have, you are one of many individuals whose rights have been abused. People purchase insurance policies to protect themselves in case of an unfortunate and unexpected injury or loss. All too many times, insurance companies unjustly deny claims even though the claim may be valid. Insurance companies rely on the fact that many people will get discouraged and drop their claim. Insurance companies make their money by collecting premiums from the policyholders, not by paying out claims. Do not play the victim! The Law Office of Steven S. Farbman, P.A., specializes in Insurance Coverage Disputes and will aggressively fight for the coverage you are entitled to you under your policy of insurance.

- Steven S. Farbman

An insurance claim which has been denied may turn into a bad faith insurance claim. A bad faith claim is when your insurance company or the insurance company of a negligent party does not act in the best interests of the insured and deny the claim or make an unreasonable offer to settle. These types of unfair practices may constitute bad faith.

These types of accidents require expert analysis and the resources of an experienced, board certified civil trial attorney. The Law Office of Steven S. Farbman, P.A., will make sure insurance companies are held accountable for their actions. The Law Office of Steven S. Farbman, P.A. is committed to helping people who have been mistreated by an insurance company. You are more than a file number at the Law Office of Steven S. Farbman, P.A.. You are family. We will protect your rights and aggressively pursue all legal remedies available to you under the law.

Call now for a FREE initial consultation 1(866) FLA-ATTY or click here for a FREE on-line evaluation. It is possible your claim is subject to a Statute of Limitations. Therefore, it is extremely important you act immediately to ensure your claim is preserved and you do not waive your rights to the compensation you deserve. Many times our firm is able to handle insurance coverage dispute cases on a contingency fee basis. This means we get paid for our services only if, and when there is a money recovery for you. You deserve the best possible legal representation, so call us now 1(866) FLA-ATTY.

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