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When a person purchases a product, that person expects the product will be safe to use. When that expectation is not met, it can lead to a serious personal injury or even wrongful death. At the Law Office of Steven S. Farbman, we are committed to holding businesses accountable when their products have defects or design flaws that cause serious accidents. We are committed to doing what is right for our clients.

- Steven S. Farbman

All Defective Product Cases are Handled on a Contingency Basis

We bring more than 30  years of experience to every case we handle. In Hollywood and throughout South Florida, people turn to us because of our reputation for taking every possible step to get results. Our commitment to helping people through these challenging cases has earned us the title of being board certified in civil trial law. This title has been given to only five percent of lawyers in Florida. We want to show you the skills that earned us this recognition.

Helping Victims of Defective Products

We are available to handle all personal injury and wrongful death cases caused by defective products, including:

  • Defective power tools: chainsaw defects, power drill defects, power sander defects and power saw defects

  • Defective toys and children’s products: defective high chairs, defective strollers and defective child safety seats

  • Defective health and beauty products: defective wax creams and defective electric razors

  • Defective protective equipment: steel toe boot defects and safety glass defects

  • Defective automobile parts: safety belt defects, air bag defects and tire defects

When businesses put their bottom lines before the safety of the people who use their products, we will fight to see that they pay. Regardless of the type of product that caused the injury, we will stand by your side.

When you choose our firm, you choose personal care. We do not believe in passing your case to a secretary or investigator. Our lead lawyer, Steven S. Farbman, handles every case directly. We believe that is the level of dedication you deserve from the law firm you choose.

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