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In the Sunshine State the number of boats in use is on the rise, with over 1,300 miles of coastal shoreline and more than 11,000 miles of rivers, streams and waterways there is plenty of opportunity for an accident. Current estimates show that there are over 900,000 boats registered in the state and nearly half a million coming in from other states to use these beautiful waterways every year. Is it any wonder that this is the perfect place for an accident in Florida and an attorney may be the only way to figure out who is responsible and should pay for the damages and injuries?

- Steven S. Farbman

According to the US Coast Guard there are at least 8,000 boating accidents each year that result in 800 deaths and over 4,000 serious injuries. If you find yourself involved in this kind of accident in Florida an attorney may be able to help you get compensation for your injuries or loss. The operator of a boat has certain responsibilities to both his passengers and to the other boaters in the water around them; this includes the knowledge of the rules and laws governing the use of a boat in a public waterway.

If you are involved in a boating accident if Florida, a lawyer should be one of the first people you call to make sure that your rights are protected. He should immediately launch a full investigation into the accident so that he can determine for you and the law exactly what occurred leading up to the accident. He will need to find out if drugs or alcohol were involved in case any criminal charges are to be filed. Much like an automotive DUI, being in a boating accident caused by being under the influence can have a dramatic effect on the outcome of your case and the monetary compensation you receive.

More often than not your accident lawyer in Florida is going to find that the accident was the result of careless or reckless operation by the person driving the boat. Much like driving a car a boat operator is responsible for operating the boat in a safe manner such that he take the best precautions he can to avoid causing an accident, if he fails to do so he can be charged with reckless operation and can be charged in criminal court.

In many cases the accident occurs as a result of something not being constructed properly when the boat was built or something being improperly repaired at a licensed repair facility. In the event of this type of accident a Florida lawyer can advise you of your rights to sue the manufacturer or repair facility. He can conduct a thorough investigation to see whether this problem has occurred before and whether anything has been done to correct it. In the case of a manufacturer this can mean subpoenaing the manufacturers records for the model of boat in question and having an expert witness go through them.

If you find yourself involved in a boating accident in Florida a lawyer from Law Offices of Steven S. Farbman can help you with all of your legal needs from completing the investigation to presenting your case to the jury for final disposition. Their team of lawyers will not be satisfied until your case is resolved to your satisfaction and you have received the compensation due to you.

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