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Sexual abuse occurs in many forms and affects many types of victims. Unfortunately it has always been a problem in our communities and our country. Countless women, children, and men have been subjected to sexual contact without their consent. The physical and emotional pain that stems from this type of attack can be devastating. The Law Offices of Steven S. Farbman are here to help you in this time of crisis.

- Steven S. Farbman

Sexual assault is any sexual contact that occurs without the victim’s consent. Common examples include:

• Rape
• Attempted rape
• Inappropriate groping or touching
• Sexual intercourse
• Exhibitionism
• Sexual contact with a child
• Sexual harassment

While the state may file criminal charges against the perpetrator, victims of sexual assaults (and/or their loved ones if the victim is a child) may also file a civil suit against their attacker to recover damages. Additionally if the attacker is employed or under the supervision of a school, daycare, business, landlords, religious institution, or any other type of business, those entities may also be sued and held accountable for the actions of the perpetrator.

Proving sexual assault can be challenging, but attorney Steven S. Farbman will handle all aspects of your case from the get-go. If successful, you can recover a large amount of damages due to the horrific nature of these cases. In addition to monetary damages, you can have peace of mind knowing that you are holding your attacker or your child’s attacker accountable for his/her actions.

If you or someone you love has been sexually assaulted or molested, please feel free to contact us today.

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