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Jury Verdicts & Settlements

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Motorcycle Accident - $7,881,657.64 Jury Verdict

The case involved a motorcycle wreck in which our client was the motorcycle passenger. The driver of the motorcycle negligently drove his motorcycle causing them both to be ejected from the bike. A second motorcyclist behind them took evasive action to keep from running into them, and ended in a nearby canal.

Our client, a 58 year old medical receptionist and widowed mother of two adult daughters, suffered catastrophic injuries requiring 28 surgeries including the removal of one-third of her small intestines, her spleen and colon. She suffered a fractured pelvis, acute renal failure, broken left shoulder, and internal degloving injuries to her thighs. She spent three months in the hospital before being discharged to a nursing facility and subsequently to her home where she continued with therapy and medical care.

After the accident, the driver of the bike admitted to two fellow motorcyclists that he took the turn too sharply, lost control of the bike, and overcompensated with the front brake. Unfortunately, the driver died from unrelated causes prior to the lawsuit being filed and couldn't testify at trial. With the driver gone, the defense decided to defend on the theory that the plaintiff's injuries were not caused by falling off the motorcycle, but rather by being run over by the motorcycle following behind them. Not too coincidently, the driver of this motorcycle was one of the two witnesses who the deceased defendant driver had made his admission to. The defense accident reconstruction expert maintained the motorcycle couldn't have been going more than 10-12 miles per hour because the driver of the motorcycle escaped the wreck relatively unscathed. The defense medical expert (DME) also testified that the fracture to our client's pelvis and other injuries could only have been caused by blunt force trauma, and the only thing that could have caused such trauma was the motorcycle following closely behind.

Steven Farbman in a two week hotly contested trial successfully convinced the jury otherwise, as they found that the other motorcyclist did not contribute to his client's injuries, but rather they were all due to the operator of the motorcycle she was on. A jury awarded our client $3,135,423.64 in past medical expenses, $2,000.00 in future medical expenses, $64,234.00 in past lost wages, $182,000.00 in future loss of income, and $2,500,000.00 in past and future pain and suffering.

Motor Vehicle Accident - $ 4,082,461.10 Jury Verdict

Thirty four year old housewife and mother of two was seriously injured when her vehicle was struck by a tractor trailer while she was stopped at a red light. She suffered three herniated discs in her lower back, resulting in two surgeries: The first surgery was a lumbar spinal fusion including a discectomy at the L4-L5 and L5-S1 level (an anterior lumbar cage bone dowel was implanted in the interspace together with a harvest of bone graft taken from her left ileum through a separate incision). The second surgery was a micro surgical discectomy at the L3-L4 level with a fat graft application into the epidural space to minimize epidural fibrosis. Defendant argued that Plaintiff's injuries were pre-existing offering less than 100,000.00 prior to trial. The jury disagreed, awarding Plaintiff 100% of her damages.


Our client was completely stopped behind other vehicles in traffic approaching a toll plaza while working as a truck driver. Another truck driver approaching behind him was driving too fast and never applied his brakes crashing into the rear of our client�s trailer. Due to the extreme force of the impact, our client�s tractor trailer was pushed forward into the rear of the vehicle in front of him, and immediately both trucks were engulfed in flames. Due to the severe crushing impact the other truck driver was trapped in his cab and perished in the fire. Our client was lucky enough to get out of the accident alive but unfortunately, suffered extremely severe injuries that required extensive back surgery. Our firm was able to resolve this claim without the need for lengthy litigation for a settlement of $1,050,000.

Motor Vehicle Accident - $600,000 Settlement

A 61 year old woman suffered severe injuries including a fracture and meniscus tear of her knee cap, neck and back injuries and psychological trauma, after a truck transporting nitrous oxide crashed into her vehicle head on. Our client endured arthrosporic surgery of her knee, epidural steroid injections for her neck and back and psychotherapy for this traumatic and life altering accident. Her physicians determined that she would require future medical treatment and care, possibly for the rest of her life. This case was resolved prior to trial for $600,000.


In 2007, a husband and father of two children was involved in a fatal car crash when returning home from work. He was struck head on by another vehicle and regretfully passed away leaving his family with a great deal of economic and emotional hardship. Our firm was able to convince the insurance carrier to tender their complete $500,000 policy limits.


On a family vacation our clients were dining at a restaurant that was not handicap accessible. At the end of their meal they asked for another way out of the restaurant other than going up a lengthy flight of stairs. They were escorted out an emergency exit that lead from the lower level out to the street. One of our clients stubbed his toe on a sharply raised area in the corridor that caused him to fall violently to the ground striking his head. He was transported to the hospital and upon examination doctors determined he was hemorrhaging with excessive accumulation of fluid in the brain with increasing intracranial pressure. Unfortunately due to the blunt impact to his head, he passed away from a cerebral hemorrhage two days later. Our firm was able to settle this claim before trial awarding our client�s estate with $500.000.

Premises Liability - Trip and Fall - $ 349,374.00 Jury Verdict

Sixty seven year old female tripped and fell on an uneven sidewalk. She sustained a fractured hip necessitating surgery consisting of an open reduction and internal fixation. She also suffered a right knee injury and rotator cuff tear resulting in arthroscopic surgery to her right shoulder. During her rehabilitation, her husband who was terminally ill with cancer, passed away, causing her further mental anguish because she could not properly care for her husband during his final days. The defendants argued that the condition of the sidewalk was open and obvious and that Plaintiff should have seen it. The defendant also argued that some of Plaintiffs injuries were pre-existing and offered $25,000.00 prior to trial. The jury disagreed, awarding Plaintiff 100% of her damages. 

Motor Vehicle Accident - $200,000 Settlement

A married couple vacationing in South Florida were driving to the beach when a truck driving in the lane opposite theirs lost control and crashed into their vehicle. The husband, a back seat passenger, had to be extricated from the vehicle and ultimately airlifted to a local hospital for the sever injuries he sustained to his chest. In fact, the collision was so great the shoulder belt had “indented” his chest. Similarly, his wife seated in the front passenger seat was transported via ambulance to a local hospital. The husband required surgery to remove skin necrosis from his leg and sustained tears and impingement to his shoulder as a result of this accident. Likewise, his wife, required arthroscopy and meniscetomy to repair knee damage and sustained sever strain and contusions on different areas of her body. This firm settled their case before going to trial for $200,000.


While stopping for a red light, our client was rear-ended by a truck that failed to notice the traffic signal. He felt an immediate onset of significant neck pain and back pain both causing associated radiating pain. He was later diagnosed with a lumbar annular tear and was recommended to have epidural injections or undergo cervical spine surgery. As a result of his injuries, he was unable to continue working as a waiter, his primary source of income. While surgery to his neck may have corrected the problem, our client chose not to undergo it. Our firm was able to help this gentleman resolve his claim and we settled for $200,000.

Motor Vehicle Accident - $155,000 Settlement

A woman on her way to Key West crashed into the vehicle in front of her when the defendant, an uninsured motorist, made an abrupt left turn while driving on the same street. Her injuries include permanent physical limitation in her grip strength and loss of sensation in her hand and an exacerbation of a ganglion cyst on her foot, both requiring surgery. Although the defendant driver did not have insurance, our firm was able to obtain a settlement amount of $155,000 from our client’s own insurance during mediation.

Motor Vehicle Accident - $525,000 Settlement

Our client was driving an armored van when the defendant driver ran through a red light and crashed into his vehicle. The force of the impact caused the armored van to crash through a guardrail falling upside down into a canal. Fortunately, this client was able to maneuver himself in knee deep water through an open door in the van and motorists who stopped when seeing the collision occur, were able to lift our client to safety. Fire rescue arrived at the scene and transported him in a backboard to a local hospital. He suffered severe injuries including a rotator cuff tear in his shoulder that required two surgeries, disc herniations, urological permanent injury and psychological trauma including post traumatic stress disorder and countless sleepless nights. This case was settled at mediation for $525,000.

Premises Liability - Dog Attack - $300,000 Settlement

A woman staying with her friend while recuperating after heart surgery, was opening the gate to her friend’s home to retrieve the mail, and without warning was knocked to the ground by one of owner’s dogs. This initial blow fractured her nose which was followed by the owner’s other dogs attacking our client, ripping her eye lid and mauling areas of her face and body. It was determined that our client both suffered a fracture to her eye orbital floor and a nasal bone fracture. She needed irrigation and debridgment for her eye injury, a reduction for the nasal fracture and other skin closures from the attack. Our firm resolved this case for the defendant’s policy limits of $300,000.

Motor Vehicle Accident - $625,000 Settlement

In the summer of 2006, a 31 year old elementary school teacher was driving when an 81 year old woman, ran through a red light and crashed into our client’s vehicle. She was taken to a local hospital and after several visits with different physicians, it was determined that our client had suffered head trauma and contusions to her knee and ankle, as well as spinal disc herniations. Her spinal injuries required steroid injections at various times and ultimately surgery. Our firm settled this case without the need to file suit for $625,000.

Motor Vehicle Accident - $325,000 Settlement

While stopped at a red light, our client was struck from behind by a truck driven at high speeds when our client was violently thrown forward and backward, afterwards feeling disoriented, in shock, and experiencing an abnormal sensation throughout his cervical spine and lower back. After treatment, it was revealed that our client had suffered disc herniations that required spinal surgery. A lawsuit was filed and within several months a settlement for our client, in the amount of $325,000 was reached.

Premises Liability - Supermarket Slip & Fall - $183,054.26 Settlement

While our client was shopping at a local grocery store, when she slipped and fell on a spill on the grocery store floor. From the fall, she required surgery to repair her torn ACL and removal of other loose bodies in her knee. She also underwent surgery to remove herniated disc material from her spine. In spite of the defendant grocery store going bankrupt, after mediation, our firm resolved this with a settlement of $183,054.26.

Motorcycle Accident - $150,000 Settlement

Due to rain and slippery conditions on the roadway, as a cautious motorcycle driver, our client pulled her motorcycle onto a grassy area. Unfortunately, as she was sliding across the grass, she was injured by an exposed metal post from a previously broken exit ramp sign that was negligently maintained. The exposed metal punctured her spleen and because of its severity, surgery to remove the spleen took place on the day of the accident. The case was resolved prior to trial for $150,000.

Motorcycle Accident - $125,000 Settlement

While stopped at a red light, our client was behind a truck, who reversed rather than accelerated when the light turned green and struck the front fender of our client’s bike, causing the bike to fall over to the right. In trying to avoid the bike from falling on to him, his body contorted in an unnatural way causing him to injure his back. It was determined that he had disc herniations and tears, and had to have surgery to alleviate the pain and suffering he was enduring from his injuries. He also had to give up his own business and take a job that paid him less money. This case settled at Mediation for $125,000.

Pedestrian Accident/ Golf Cart Accident - $194,995 Settlement

Our client was struck by a golf cart while exiting his own golf cart. The individual who hit him admitted that he was not paying attention and that it was his fault. Unfortunately, our client sustained disc herniations that required surgery. He also sustained a weakened hand grip and numbness in his fingers. Through mediation, this case was settled by our firm for $194,995.

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